Assupol Client Portal terms and conditions

Policyholders must have a password to use this portal.

Dear Client. Welcome to this portal. By using it you agree that:

  1. You will keep your username and password for this portal confidential. You use this portal at your risk, and will not hold us (Assupol Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries) responsible for any loss, damage or liability you may incur by using this portal.
  2. All information on this portal about you, your policies, and other persons mentioned in the policies, are correct and up to date – and that you will let us know if any such information is not correct and up to date.
  3. If you choose for us to communicate with you by e-mail or cellphone, our rules for such communications will apply. You can read these rules on our website.
  4. No advice is given to you, or intermediary service is rendered to you, on this portal. You should consult a financial adviser if you need advice or an intermediary service.
  5. This portal reflects the information in your policy documents and our policy data system. The information in your policy documents and our policy data system, and not the information on this portal, must always be taken as being the correct information.
  6. If information on this portal is not exactly the same as the information in your policy documents and our policy data system (this is unlikely to happen, as we take all reasonable steps to ensure it does not happen), we cannot be held liable in any way.

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